Thursday, March 29, 2012

Watch your tomatoes :)

Tomatoes will tell you what they need!  Here's a cool graphicfrom lots of interesting information there.


  1. Thanks! Growing Tomatoes for dummies, lol!

  2. Jesse T. Le CompteApril 17, 2013 at 7:42 AM

    For a beginner like me, can you pls. post the remedies for each deficiency. Like putting egg shells or animal bones to enhance the calcium in the soil to be absorb by the plant. But what about the other deficiency, what are our remedies? Pls. enlighten us.

  3. soil testing is always the first step. In Alabama, contact your local extension office for testing boxes. They have instructions. You'll get a nice report back that will sorta tell you what to add to the soil. A good garden center can help you decide what products to buy. Natural remedies can be found in a good organic gardening book or online. Google can be your friend :)
    Composting your waste is another first step. Include egg shells, rinsed well. But bones take too long unless you have the capability of crushing first. Fish bones will work as they are more cartilage than 'bone'. But you can get out of balance without regular soil testing, even year to year. Too much of any one thing is as bad as too little sometimes ;)