Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I had an opportunity a couple of weeks ago to visit with James Steele at Green Leaf Organics, LLC - (256) 714-8292 4153 HWY 72 East, Huntsville, AL 35741. He is excited to offer one of the finest amendments you can put in your soil to help increase fertility and biological activity.
He offers the following explanation of the different “worm poo” you may find on the market.

Vermicompost- Worms are added to the material to be composted. They eat the material as it rots. The worms excrete castings, worm dung, into the material as they eat it. In vermicomposting the material is separated from the worms before the worms eat all the material. This results in a very good quality compost/worm casting mixture.

Worm castings- what comes out the South end of a North bound worm. To get worm castings you have to start with a bedding material. Greenleaf Organics uses a humus infused soil. Then you add food or a material to be composted. The worms are left in the material long enough to have consumed the bedding and the material. Greenleaf Organics then sifts the castings to remove any remaining material or bedding that was not consumed. This process results in a very high quality natural fertilizer.

As you rebuild your garden soil for the fall/winter season, you may want to add some of this wonderful material to help restore fertility and improve your soil tilth. Foodscapes uses this product in our personal gardens and in our installations…and we gladly pay full price!


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