Sunday, August 7, 2011


        At the corner of Whitesburg and Bob Wallace…there is a little farm. You missed it? Well, it is hiding behind a fence, but you can glimpse it if you are waiting at the light in just the right place.

     Melissa Anderson opened her low cost clinic  in 2008 and decided she wanted to help her clients eat healthier by example. She has built beds and hauled in dirt and planted and now has enough that she runs a small farmer’s market .

I love the raised beds!

      You can go by and visit CityGarden, Inc. - Mon-Fri 11:00-4:30, closed Thursday. They are currently selling out of the lobby of the clinic. 

     She’s opening  a group home for the developmentally disabled later this year and the garden will be a sheltered workshop for them.  She’d also like to have an outdoor summer resturaunt in the garden area that cooks food from the garden served with a little wine and beer!  
     A quick peek around tell us that watermelons and cantaloupe are about to come in and pumpkins are in the ground, we can't wait til fall!


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