About Me

Please contact me at 256-990-5115  or email me or visit the Foodscapes home page.

 Lee McBride has 32+ years experience in horticulture.
    ...is an ISA certified arborist specializing in the diagnosis of tree and shrub disorders and the protection of trees during construction.
          ...holds numerous professional permits and licenses from the State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.
                 ..is an Alabama Certified Landscape Professional by the Alabama Nursery and Landscape Association.
                              ...has been a Master Gardener since 1990 and taught the Plant Disease portion of the M.G. Program for many years.

...began offering organic lawn and landscape care in 1989 using organic and least toxic techniques and materials.

           ... formed Landscape Management Consultants in 1995, utilizing and teaching industry Best Practices as a consultant.
                  ...formed Foodscapes in 2010. The company specializes in Garden Coaching, Beginning Farmer Mentoring, Garden Installation.

...Chair of the Education Committee of the North Alabama Food Policy Council. Founding and Steering Committee member.
    ...Board of Directors, CASA of Madison County, CASA Community Garden co-lead.
           ...Council member of the Alabama Urban Forestry Association

                     .... Local Foods Liaison for HSVGreenlink.com

....SPIN farming coach/collaborator with responsibility for the state of Alabama.

...Columnist, Blogger and Local Food Advocate promoting the need for, the viability and benefits of a resilient local food system. Helping potential community gardens successfully launch and prosper as well as helping existing community gardens improve yields is a personal passion.

       My ultimate goal is to help families produce some of their own food naturally and sustainably, using old and new techniques and help create a vibrant local food economy.