Thursday, March 24, 2011

Special Request - Anti-inflammatory Veggies

Thought I'd share a bit of research...and ask for any other suggestions on anti-inflammatory vegetables you can grow for yourself.  If this is a concern of yours, you may want to concentrate on the following:

Peas - most of the legumes, the green spring and the later summer ripening ones
Sunflower Seeds - choose varieties that are for eating, not just beauty
Shitake mushrooms - keep your eye out for classes that will include an innoculated log!
Ginger in front of beans
and a couple of pepper plants

Ginger & Turmeric - root 'spices' that are pretty too! Mulch heavily in winter.
Garlic - easy to grow, tastes great..and good for you!
Broccoli / Cabbage / Collards - mostly cool season crops around here
Onions - winter bunching onions and summer bulbing
Carrots - plant lots in the fall and pull 'em when you need 'em
Spinach - green leafy veggies
Sweet Potatoes - another easy to grow crop if you have the room...and keeps well through the winter
Strawberries - sweet and juicy
Blueberries - I have to share most of mine with the birds, but worth fighting for!
Cantaloupe - melons come in a variety of shapes and tastes, try some heirloom seeds and give them room to grow

Some sources say that peppers are anti-inflammatory.  If they seem to be ok for you, there's a wide variety to experiment with from sweet to fiery hot. 


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