Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A lot going on...

Warmer weather means it's the last chance to get the cool season crops in and out before hot weather, so we planted out some of the beds that we've cleaned out or left fallow over the winter. 
The bed numbers correspond to the layout on Garden Beds page. if you want to follow along!
Right now, we have

Enough for 2 people all season!
  Collards in Bed 3 (pictured)- we've eaten off these all winter and they are still going strong.  Next time you have fresh ones, saute in olive oil with some garlic and onion...and seasoned salt (the miracle seasoning)  They'll stay until they start to bolt.
Bunching onions in Bed 4 - which are just starting to bulb out and will come out soon
Red Russian Kale in Bed 8 - again, staying until it's time is past, giving us a "mess" every other week or so. This bed also had some cabbages, which are now eaten...so I threw some cilantro seed into the bare half of the bed.
Various herbs in Bed 12 - parsely, thyme, sage, garlic and a couple of struggling lavender which The Master Pruner pruned rather harshly, but I am assured it will be happer for it.
Bed 9 has a couple of Chinese cabbage plants that I'm going to save seed from.  The brassicas put on a very pretty early spring show of yellow flowers!
On to new plantings....
Bed 10 - The carrots ran out a couple of weeks ago, so that bed got some Tendergreen mustard, Bibb lettuce and radishes for quick salads in 2-3 weeks.
Bed 11 -  Spinach followed beets here, so they'll be ready for thinning to add to the salad soon.
Bed 5 -  This bed is a no-till/mulch/pile it on bed and got it's first seeds... Multicolor Chard.  I only planted the outside few feet closest to the driveway, I'm hoping it will look pretty since it can last quite a while into summer.  We can plant something not quite so attractive 'inside'.
Bed 6 - I'm trying some Giant Red Mustard here...it's coming up slowly
Steel rod to firm soil and make seeding rows,
just press, then plant!
Bed 7 - Detroit Red beets - More thinnings for salads and then there should be enough in the bed to warrant a canning session or two.  After we eat fresh ones, of course. 
Along the front fence, the peas are growing quickly, I just hope it doesn't warm up too soon.  I got them in a little late this year.  I think from now on, I will sow in the fall and let them hibernate at 2" tall like they did last year, that was my best pea crop ever.

In the back yard, I set out some tranplants of red cabbage, Joi choi,  Chinese cabbage and a flat early dutch or two.  I have some Napas of two varieties in flats, but one was almost a total failure, while the other is up and going in 48 of 50 cells.  No clue what happened, I planted them the same day, same soil mix.  Isn't gardening fun?

How's your spring going?

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