Monday, August 16, 2010

Green Mountain Glass

John Baker of Green Mountain Glass company spoke at Green Drinks last


Mr Baker represents a group of Green entrepreneurs who want to utilize a product that up to now has been a waste product of daily life. Reacting swiftly to the opportunity created when it became public knowledge that Huntsville was not recycling glass, Green Mountain found the machinery to properly and efficiently create useable products. They searched out and found markets for recycled glass and are creating markets for the processed glass.

Their recycled glass is being used by Fiberglass manufacturers instead of virgin glass. The glass is also being used in counter tops and has some uses in the landscape and horticulture industry as well. The companies facility is on Meridian St. north of Alabama A&M. The first pieces of equipment are scheduled to arrive during the first to weeks of September. Production will start as soon as the machines are in place. The machines capacity is 10 tons of glass an hour or 400 tons of glass recycled a week. The machinery has several places to purge non glass materials from the process. Labels and bottle tops, corks etc will be removed using several different methods. Green Mountain Glass will also be able to recycle automobile windshields and has a market and viable use for the bonding material sandwiched between the layers of glass. House hold windows removed from their casings can also be repurposed with this equipment. Broken glass can also be handled by the company.

You can help Green Mountain Glass by taking your glass to the foloowing locations;

Grill 29


Buffalo Wild Wings

The Little Green Store

The Flying monkey

Great Spirits

Walmart has already expressed an interest in providing drop off points for your glass as well.

The City's of Athens and Florence will be bringing their glass to Green Mountain and Allied Waste has begun bringing the glass that citizens drop off to them as well. Drop off points or barrels can be installed in your apartment complex or HOA with a $50 one time fee. Distributorships for finished products are also available.

To contact Green Mountain Glass for more information call 256 527-0017 or go to

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