Sunday, March 14, 2010

Compost Time!!

     It's amazing what a few days of warm weather can do for the compost can almost see them begin to shrink!  All the happy warmer worms, the frigid microbes and the sluggish other bugs can now work faster.  Just like in the fall, the compost piles will be steaming in the chillier mornings, I can't wait!

     As your compost pile warms up, or you start one, here's a great list of all the things you can compost!  163 things to compost is inspiring and thought provoking.  What can you add that you use in your life? 

     Another compost trick that I use is to throw all the food scraps (especially from a day of canning or freezing or just a heavy cooking session) into the blender and let it rip.  You can pour it onto your compost pile, or dig a trench in the garden and pour it in there.  The soil critters will appreciate the work you've saved them breaking the big bits into smaller, bite size pieces.

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