Thursday, February 11, 2010

A new, TOOL!

Introducing the newest member of the Foodscapes family... to deal with The Artful Pruner's "results".  We do try not to waste resources, so all those (non-diseased) limbs will be going into the shredder for lovely mulch.
Here is our pretty new addition:

Quite bright and lovely, eh?   And not as noisy as our smaller one!  This is a real workhorse.  Makes lovely little chips of limbs, shreds wet or dry leaves into rich mulch, recycles veggie vines into the compost pile for quick decomposition.

I can't moregreat weed control there.  This will be a bed of malabar spinach trained over a wire trellis.  There's plenty of good fertilizer in the soil and there will be lots of bare ground as we only need a couple of plants to see us thru the summer with greens.  I will plant a few flowers and herbs in this bed, but I'll need to get close to harvest so there won't be enough plants to shade out unwanted greenery.  The wood chips will also keep me from getting completely muddy feet, I hope!

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