Monday, February 22, 2010

An interesting journey

         This is not new, but I was thinking about eating as we planted the first of the seeds for the year.*  I remembered a series of photos about families around the world and the food they consume in a week .  The Time magazine article about this book shared some representative photos of the selection of foods each family made as well as the money they spent.  You can start here and take a look.  You might keep an eye on the presence, or absence, of fresh and/or "homegrown" foods.
        Can you picture what your family's food would look like?  Would you like to see more natural vegetables and fruits and fewer plastic bags and containers?  Consider planting a few veggies this year that you know you like...and that you've never tried before~
*beets, spinach, arugula, buttercruch, radishes, turnips, chard and cabbage (all tolerant of the 40 degree soil temperature)

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