Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet A Local Farmer - Enas Ragland

I recently received a call from a friend of mine, Tami Jordan, who is with Second Mile. Tami works with the Terry Heights Hillandale Neighborhood Association. In the course of her travels she met Mr. Enas Ragland.
Mr. Ragland is one of the the first true neighborhood farmers in Huntsville in sometime. Possibly in decades.

Enas was in construction until the credit crisis of 2008. As work slowed he needed to keep working so he quietly turned to farming. As he improved his skills, he began to grow more than he could eat and has been selling produce at the Madison County Farmers market for some time now.

      Enas was a SPIN farmer and didn't know it. He had never heard of the concept of Small Plot Intensive Farming before. Specializing in Collards, he is farming his yard in a fairly intensive manner and is showing others in his neighborhood how to grow fresh food as well.

Enas Ragland is one of our hero's and we hope to have more posts concerning him and his efforts to help Terry Heights - Hillandale soon.

Do you know a local farmer ? Do you know where your fresh produce comes from ?



  1. That is awesome. Is he teaching this to others?

  2. Have you thought about putting sharing options on your blog entries? Would make it easier for others to share on FB and Twitter and such.

  3. thought I had..must have lost it in the last redo! Let me go try again :)