Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Fall When...

    You know it is fall when the menu calls for
Onions ~ fresh from the yard ~ sauteed til tender ~ remove from pan and brown
Pork Chops ~ fresh from the farmer (ok, frozen) ~ add
Apple Cider ~ from Isom's Orchard at Greene Street Farmer's Market ~ and simmer til tender and chops are done.
A side dish?
Butternut squash ~ from the yard, canned last fall and making room for this year's crop ~ with a bit of butter and pumpkin pie spices warmed so the scent can fill the house
A few rolls from the freezer ~ warmed in foil over the chops to save a bit of energy ~ always make extra!
And dessert?
Pears ~ a gift from CASA garden volunteer from their tree at home ~ simmered in water and honey from Glory Gardens

Now that's a friends and family meal!

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