Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall is for Nuts!

Are you foraging for nuts?  You can find several kinds of nuts around the urban landscape, as I was reminded today.  Nut trees are a great way to do some stealthy edible landscaping.

I went to pick up a prescription and then .. well, I had a senior moment and ended up going through a parking lot to get turned around...and what did I spy?
Pears?  No....

Walnuts!  Something had already tried to get into this one but no luck.

Sure enough.. There's the tree, turning yellow for fall, caught between two parking lots and losing some limbs, but still hanging on and producing what it could.

I took just the one to show to the tree expert ....

   He reminded me that we have several Pecan trees in our neighborhood... here's a big one across the street.
We've eaten many of those when the harvest is especially good.   Wonder how it's doing this year? hmmm.

    There are several old pecan orchards around town, mostly just individual trees now as development is swallowing them up.  If you are lucky enough to have a nut tree, enjoy the harvest!  If you have one on your lot and it isn't doing well, perhaps Lee can help you save it... or save your house from one of those big limbs.  If you would like to add some nut trees to your landscape, he can advise you on what might work best in your situation.

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