Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are You Interested?

        Have you heard of Transition Town?   For a quick overview try the Wikipedia entry and follow the links if you'd like more information.  Here in Huntsville, Michele Sneed of The Farmhouse is gathering people who are interested in all aspects of the Transition movement.  I went to a "mulling" meeting last night to listen to conversations begun a few weeks ago about starting a group here in Huntsville.   They've set up a blog at TransitionHuntsville to get things rolling. 
     There are no hard and fast 'rules' for being part of Transition, the movement is very grassroots and local in focus and development.  Right now the group is thinking about how to express the Huntsville idea of transition.  Brainstorming a bit, we tossed around
Resilience, Local Solutions, Sustainability, Healthy Food, Community Building, Strengthening Neighborhood Relationships, Sharing Wisdom, Scalability, Preparedness, Skills Sharing, Connectedness, Regeneration/Regenerative
    Lots of great ideas and thoughtful discussion on what this all means in the 'culture' of Huntsville.  We have so many great engineers and artists and writers, from all continents and viewpoints, so many established and brand new subdivisions and neighborhoods, I look forward to seeing how Huntsville 'transitions' into the future!
edited to add:  authored by Shannon!

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