Sunday, May 8, 2011

Panda's Progress

Congratulations to the Morris Elementary School Panda’s!

Last year Morris Elementary started a school garden with 4 raised beds. These were primarily for the 4th grade classes to use, to learn from and to grow food in. Last fall they grew Turnip Greens and the wonderful folks in the cafeteria cooked them for the children.

Last summer’s beds were refluffed yesterday
More importantly, thanks to the vision and determination of Mr. Doug Seay the Panda's now have a garden to be utilized by families of students. Jeff Komara came out weeks ago and broke ground to begin the process. Weather and soil conditions had delayed the final steps in garden preparation until yesterday, Saturday the 7th of May.

Volunteers hauled leaf mold from the mulch pile and then we tilled the leaves under for them. New raised beds were forming shortly after that.

Doug Seay and volunteer David Hays

Here is the first family to plant in the Panda's Progress Family garden.
May the garden be a blessing to all the families at Morris and provide a place for the Panda community to literally grow together.

Lee~ The Urban Farmer

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