Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eating well?

We grow, catch, hunt most of our basic food around here, but our main goal is for everyone to be able to eat better, fresher food.  This is an article about eating well on food stamps.  Some excellent chefs attempted to create menus on an average food stamp allotment of  $68 per week.  They did pretty well, even if I do think they went a little heavy on the meat.  We are, of course, meat eaters but we do try to skip it at least once a week, even more in the summer when there are a lot of fresh veggies to make endless main dish salads.

My thoughts?  I wonder how much farther those dollars would stretch if families could supplement with home grown veggies?  I know, there's a lot of work involved, but perhaps at least those families that have someone home during the day, due perhaps to job loss, who could be growing for themselves ... and perhaps others?

Could you give the gift of a garden to someone who could use a few more healthy calories on the table?  Or who might turn those extra veggies into a little extra income?


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