Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cilantro is coming up!

Having  your own cilantro is the way to a happy marriage!   Well, a happy cooking relationship.  If you have your own, you can make  your own salsas and curries with just the right amount of seasoning for each of you.  I'm not wild about cilantro, but my husband loves it...apparently  we aren't the only ones! Love it or hate it, this herb has served a variety of purposes over the  years, try it in your garden.

Cilantro is relatively easy to grow around here as long as you get it while the weather is cool.  Spring and fall suit it best, although it isn't as winter hardy as parsely.  If you don't want the coriander, plant a lot of cilantro in the beds that will get later veggies (winter squash? )  then harvest and dry until you have enough for your cooking plans and get it outta there for another crop!

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