Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reading in the Rain

It's raining, so it's time to read!   I've got a couple of new good ones (new to me) on my desk. 

Container Gardening for Health has great tips on growing the 12 most impacted veggies.  The ones we love, but also the ones that get the most pest/herbicide buildup grown by industrial agriculture.  Get the book, find some dirt...and grow your own healthy veggies!
We are both cancer survivors but not quite food purists, figuring we are a bit old to have it help much.  We are, however, quite pushy about children's food.  Please, start the kids off right.

Easy Gardens for the South is really local.  Our own Harvey Cotton and the renowned

 Barbara Pleasant who spent many years around here offer up great tips and information on lots of plants.  "The Cultivator" really likes the information presentation.  He says it really is a useful book.  Buy one for yourself and see!

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