Monday, December 21, 2009

A Few Notes....

What a pleasure to have "pool ball tomatoes"!  Ok, so it just means I got a bit overwhelmed this summer and threw ripe tomatoes in a freezer bag to wait for a more auspicious time.  They don't stick together when frozen and they sound like pool balls when you move them around.  Take out as many as you like and leave the rest...or dump the whole bag in hot water and 'squish' off the skins as they thaw.  Lovely base for soups and chili!

A lovely day today yielded a laundry basket full of carrots to be skinned and chopped tomorrow.   I'm reminded to plant carefully, spacing is very important for having nicely shaped carrots.

We're moving along on the website!!  HiWaay gets our business, being local and all.  I've heard great things from folks about thier service and support.  Sometimes it's so hard to define 'local'... I mean most of the franchise places are 'locally owned', does that count?  How much does the parent company take out of the local economy that would otherwise stay here?  If Joe had a burger joint "Joe's" .. he's responsible for advertising locally, etc., which is expensive and he may fail for lack of exposure.  If Joe has a "BrandBurger" place, there's a bit better chance he will 'make it' due to nationally broadcast advertising and branding that he pays for, but out of increased revenues.  A conundrum.  Seek out and support local business and pass the word...that is the best and cheapest advertising there is.

A bit of work on the website and up it goes...


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