Monday, November 30, 2009

Versatile Recipies...Gotta Love 'em

We are blessed with lots of fish around the M.U.S.H.  So I'm always looking for new recipies for it.  Here's a good starter  Essentially three ingredients:  Fish, greens and cheese sauce.

I've fiddled with it endlessly and you can't go wrong.  I've used white bass, catfish, crappie and 'mystery' fish.  I've started with spinach, BABY turnip greens, small kale, baby collards, and mustard greens.  I've used the recipe's cheese sauce with cheddar (I rarely have swiss around), a light mozzarella/monterey jack sauce, and even Velveeta (both cheddar and jalepeno) thinned a bit with milk.

This is just one of those recipies that really works.  See what you can find around your house and give it a try!


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