Friday, November 27, 2009

Recipe time!

Yep, now that it's too late for Thanksgiving, here's a quick and easy recipe featuring my favorite of the moment- Butternut squash
These keep really well and grow nearly unmolested by bugs and such. 
Ingredients for a simple sweet side dish:
Butternut squash - peeled and cubed into bite size pieces (seeds and skin bits to the compost).  Maple Syrup.

Bake the squash at 350 degrees until beginning to be tender.  Drizzle with syrup and continue baking about 10 minutes until tender.  Serve warm.

Simple enough?   And quick too!    Use a bar type peeler if you have it.  If the peeling is really frustrating... cut squash in half, remove seeds with spoon and place face down in baking pan.  Pour in a little water and bake at 300 degrees until tender.  Scoop out flesh and put the shell and seeds into the compost pile.  Put the squash in a pan and mash with the maple syrup.

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